• Selfish Giant Fine Art Edition

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Selfish Giant Fine Art Edition

101 Drawings

Salome and Other Stories (Book Trailer)

"This volume brings together not only a variety of material but a wide range of techniques and styles from Russell’s career. Each story is a completely different approach to presentation, with a unique design sense. From Salome’s cloak to the pencilled shading of "The Godfather’s Code" and the photorealism of "Between Two Worlds." Reading these stories in this raw original art format is to rediscover an old favourite. I can’t wait for the next volume." 

Scott VanderPloeg - Artist’s Edition Index

Jungle Book and Other Stories (Book Trailer)

"The book itself is absolutely gorgeous! It was great revisiting the comics I loved when I first bought them. And seeing them the same size as the original art with the markings, blue pencils, notes, registration marks, etc. from the board was like seeing it in a whole new way. Wayne and Craig, you did a great service to PCR fans with the terrific restoration and I look forward to future releases."

Customer Review

Virtuoso Adult Coloring Book (Book Trailer)

"This is a gorgeous coloring book! A lot of the art-oriented coloring books simplify the art, taking away a lot of the fun of adding color to famous art. Russell's linework is fully preserved here, and is perfect for coloring. There are pages in the book from a ton of different subjects, including Sandman, Scary Godmother, and his fantastic treatment of Wagner's Ring operas. This is highly recommended."

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Sketchbook Archives (Book Trailer)

"I got my book last week. It's beautiful, easily the best Kickstarter book in both design and content that I've been rewarded with. I feel very happy to have been part of bringing this exquisite book to life. Kudos to the incomparable Mr. Russell for creating all those wonderful sketches and to his book designer for putting it together so wonderfully. Great job, gentlemen."

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