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Strange things are afoot in the small Ohio town of Schlarb, and for adventurous viewers willing to take a wild ride into a town populated by misfits and miscreants, they'll find that this is once case where the lunatics truly have taken over the asylum. Lonely dumpster driver Dickie (Toby Radloff) just can't seem to find a fitting female companion. When he stumbles across the lifeless corpse of a once-beautiful woman, though, it seems as if his extended dateless streak may finally have come to an end. Meanwhile, in another part of town, a young girl who has lost her look-a-like baby doll attempts to compensate by kidnapping her neighbor's young son, and a mysterious drifter named Caduceus is determined to make the high-school hussy repent for her laundry list of sins. 

Rating: NR
Genre: Comedy
Written By: Wayne Alan Harold
Directed By: Wayne Alan Harold
Released: 1999
Runtime: 72 minutes
Size: 605 MB
Format: SD
File: DRM-Free M4V File


"Movies like this are few and far between. Some would be thankful for that. Not me. I love this kind of thing. Any movie that features characters just like the ones I dodge on the streets on a daily basis is going to get high marks in my book. 'Townies' is that film, and the people whose lives it focuses on exist in every city of note around the world. 4 Stars." —

"'Townies' was shot on a budget of $300, and serves as a great example of overcoming all kinds of limitations, especially budgetary. It has a completely stripped-down, grainy look. But the characters are interesting, the locations look like they’ve been carefully chosen, the movie is very well directed and it’s actually funny! Most of the time, I can’t even watch low-budget DV movies. I’m never “caught up” in them, like a viewer should be. I didn’t have that problem with 'Townies' at all. It’s gross, humorous and even a little touching at times. Imagine a black-and-white Hal Hartley film cast with recently discharged mental patients." —

"Despite some of the gross and weird stuff going on in 'Townies.' the film has heart. It never looks down its characters -- however unusual they may be -- and instead views them with a kind of curious affection. I think John Waters would be proud. — Flipside Movie Emporium

"Townies' is the micro-budget version of Tod Browning's 'Freaks.' It's gritty, bleak, and funny as hell." —